YOBSN – A new view on the world of business!


We heard you! We are officially changing the name of our core site and products from Home Page Pays to YOBSN!

Your Own Branded Social Network

You are about to see a brand new design when you login to your HPP v2.

Home Page Pays was a great name when we were marketing a home page. However, we have evolved that concept to an entirely new level that opens the world to us in a way we could not have imagined a year or two ago; the world of owning Your own personal Social Network that you can brand and through which you can sell all kinds of products.

Stop and think about that for a moment!

golden smiley

Now imagine inviting hundreds or thousands of Free Members to your social network… your YOBSN. We incentivise every Free Member to bring in many more Free Members. This grows YOUR social network because ALL those Free Members roll up into YOUR database!

You cannot yet imagine the number of ways you will be able to earn income from your Free Member network. We will share those with you at another time… just be prepared to be wearing the biggest grin!

Don’t worry if you have been promoting your HomePagePays.com link as it will still work; it will just be redirected to YOBSN once it (HPPv2) is released to our Free Members.

Start thinking about how You can market and use the YOBSN brand.

“What is YOBSN?”

It’s Your Own Branded Social Network!

You are off and running!

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